Rowvalidating event devexpress

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However, I am not sure that I fully understand your scenario. Regards, Jack the Telerik team I think I am looking for the same effect. No values are changed in the data source before validation.Iterate(e) End Sub End Class _ Public Sub Iterate(By Val columns As Grid View Column Collection, _ By Val e As ASPx Data Validation Event Args) For Each column As Grid View Column In columns If (column Is Nothing) Then Continue For If (Type Of column Is Grid View Data Column = False) Then Continue For Dim temp As Grid View Data Column = CType(column, Grid View Data Column) If (e.Of course, it may be permissible for some fields to be null and other kinds of fields may need additional validation.

You don’t have to write any code because the grid will interact with the declarative SQL statements to manage the edits for you.

I was unable to try the example as it fails to build in VS2017 and depends on a package I don't have (WPFToolkit.csproj).

I could install VS2010, but that seems excessive just for an example, and multiple versions don't always sit easily alongside each other.

I need to break out the portion of code and will get that shortly; just wanted to follow up with the question above. Interesting that it works, just not sure I understand how. Bobmethod synchronizes the visual row element with the row content in the data layer. Please, could you send me your application and describe the exact steps to reproduce it.

We will investigate it and if there is an issue, we will try to address it in our upcoming service pack.

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