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He needs to understand that if they’re going to make this work.”Just last week it was reported by Life & Style Magazine that Pattinson was looking to find a home for the two of them.

A source told the magazine, “Rob has an apartment in West London, but he wants to start fresh.

Those fleeting two years were pure bliss for fans, who are probably the most dedicated and intense group of people..least when it comes to young adult vampire novels and film adaptations.

Even 10 years after the release of the first 'Twilight', fans still have so many questions about the pair’s relationship—not to mention several conspiracy theories that I’ll get to soon.

Fresh off rumors that “Twilight” actor Robert Pattinson is looking to move in with his new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, another report is now claiming the model/actress isn’t committed to getting serious with the British native. According to a “friend” of the actor, Pattinson “is ready to rush right to the next step and make the model his wife.” The problem?

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However, when Kristen finally came to her senses and realized how romantic it was to be proposed to as a joke, she dumped poor Michael Angarano and Nikki was pushed aside.But first, a refresher course on the couple that could have been. They also claimed that Katy Perry was a bridesmaid (kind of into this idea tho.) I mean, the pair couldn’t even go to a Kings of Leon concert without being spotted, how would KStew be capable of hiding a pregnancy for nine months??hanging out outside of a party for Lily-Rose Depp in May, don’t get your hopes up.When director Christina Hardwicke had the list finally narrowed down to four, she flew the remaining actors in for a "chemistry test" alongside Stewart, who had already been cast.So they jumped on Hardwicke's own bed and acted out the "Meadow Scene" from the first movie (you know, the one where Bella and Edward have an epic staring contest amidst a poorly manicured field and you can literally see the two actors trying to figure out what the heck they just got themselves into).

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