Relationship checklist for dating

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If someone finds something important that you are finding a real problem with making a priority or finding important, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad partner.It just means, you may need to find somebody who finds something important that you are okay with making important in your life as well. You both take pride in each other’s accomplishments. Be jealous of your partner’s accomplishments and it should be over in no time.No one is going to be able to meet your needs every moment of every day, but someone who at least tries is a real catch in my book. You both find each other attractive and are sexually compatible. So it’s important to be with someone you find physically attractive. For a relationship to be sustainable, you have to be more than emotionally, intellectually and spiritually compatible.Just to clarify, I am in no way saying that you have to be with people who are only “drop-dead gorgeous” or have “supermodel good looks,” but you do need to find them attractive. It doesn’t mean you’re going to marry this person, but you don’t really want to spend months, or even years, miserable because you’re trying to be compatible with someone you’re not that physically attracted to or sexually compatible with.Most of the time I’m not bothered by the fact that I’m single and that’s probably because I’m so busy with classes, campus activities, my job and my friends I don’t get to ponder single-hood very often.

You can really enjoy somebody’s company, but it doesn’t mean that you have enough in common to keep the conversations alive.I’m actually not into the idea of making a “checklist” for my relationships, but I do think about the standards that I have for both myself and another person I’m going to be intimate with.I named this article “The Right Relationship Checklist” because it’s a checklist that has certain standards and needs that I believe should (generally) be met in a healthy relationship.As long as you feel supported, it doesn’t matter what others think. They aren’t trying to change you, but they aren’t afraid to set boundaries either.It may be a hard pill to swallow when we know we are at fault, but it’s better to have someone who has standards and isn’t afraid to let us know when we’ve crossed boundaries. At the same time, this person should just be setting boundaries, not trying to change everything about you.

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