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It’s FREE to download, so why not check it out and see for yourself.

The App is Free, but some in-app features might require payment.

Eschewing the hit-them-over-the-head approach to AIDS issues — “the issue is hard to deal with straight on,” Read More…

“Red Hot Bothered” features ultra-cool underground groups like Folk Implosion, Flying Nuns and Heavenly.

When it comes to time in-app, of those four holidays, the Fourth of July won.

A typical user spends about 14 percent more time in the app during the summer holiday, compared with Valentine’s Day (and 40 percent more time in app than during St. Maybe users are matching up more during spring, but spending significantly more time in an app trying to find a mate during summer.

So when February lost out to a different holiday, we were scratching our heads. Patrick’s Day outperformed Valentine’s Day in terms of the number of matches per user.

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Always secure and completely private, Red Hot Dateline is the most trusted sex chatline.

And you only pay for what you want, when you want it.

I can't believe I was so stupid to have joined the site.

Even reporting 'girls' that want payment for 'service' one would I haven't actually used Oasis Active for 9 years now, so my review isn't exactly the most up to date but thought I'd add it anyway!

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