Real time updating of files

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Instead of being transparent that there is a remotely synchronized copy, there is a locally synchronized copy.In any case this covers the basic goal of network failures.How do I get my file folders to update in real time?When I add to a folder that I have open or rename a file in a folder I have open, I cannot see the changes until I exit the folder and reenter.

You can also set a file filter to exclude the files you do not want to sync. using it on a server, firing off multiple exes - conversion to PDF using Acrobat, stamping them, sending as attachment to offices around the country through smtp calls... With this you basically have that a local and remote version synchronized, you are working as if you were on the network but actually it manages to have it locally.In other words you only see one copy but having it in two places, but that is the goal of synchronizing.Watch 4 Folder v2.3 - a small (802kb), portable (no installation) and powerful monitoring tool to monitor folders and files activities.It is simple to use and to set, it can monitor 15 types of events and trigger different actions in case an event occurs. And in principle the Sync Center within Windows7 would provide that but in another fashion: you only have to set a network folder as Always Available Offline.

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