Racial preference in dating study

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Black women showed the most interest in black men, while women of other races heavily preferred white men.Black women seem most drawn to date prospects of their own race — even though black men have a low interest rating of 16.5% to black women.

As you can see in the graph above, in 2008, about 27% of Ok Cupid users reported that they would date someone with a vocal racial bias.Asian men respond more to single Latina women, marking themselves as interested 19% of the time.According to Ok Cupid’s internal data, Asian men receive fewer messages and matches overall, so maybe they simply shy away from Asian women’s highly competitive online dating profiles.It’s hard to tell from the raw data exactly what’s going on, but, at least for now, white men seem to have an advantage over black, Latino, and Asian men.Quartz’s researchers studied over 2.4 million heterosexual interactions on Are You Interested to determine if online daters had racial biases and what those were.

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