Proco turbo rat dating

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Circuits: It is not clear what the correct circuit are for the different versions of the Rat.

The original seems to be OK but the others seem to have contradicting information between the available schematics and the actual on/off LED circuit is a unkown.

I think most people here are making kinda baseless assumptions.

I can't tell you if it's legit or not but I'd take what people are are saying with a bit of skepticism.

Powered by 9V battery, or a special jack accommodates the RPS-1 power supply (optional).

This page attempts to pull together all the information available about all versions of the Pro Co Rat.

At that price I'd buy a brand new one, as they're still quite good.

If there is a chance it's vintage, all the better.

Hi guys, I have a Proco Rat2 looking pedal that has a sticker on the back which says it’s a Brat. Here is a video I tried to record using my i Phone, unfortunately the sound quality isn’t very good, and I kinda had to rush it a bit before my kids came in and started jumping all over me, so the playing is a bit sloppy.The Proco RAT was designed Scott Richard Burnham who started at pro Co in 1975. Rack mount version containing two Proco rat's and an external two-botton footswitch.The Rat First issue: Big Box-Tone-Rat Tone control is called TONE - counterclockwise cuts highs. My guess is this unit uses it's own variant of the circuit, but is close to the Vintage and Rat2.There's no year or make of RAT I wouldn't buy for , it's a great pedal.It has a white sticker in the back where it says "The Rat / RT-070695 / Made in USALike this link: However I'm confused as it does have a LED-light Pro Co's history is kinda hazy.

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