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TV preview: Dating tips with a difference, a family with a mum for each day of the week and the chance to eavesdrop on real-life dates.

Bi-Curious Me C4, 10pm If you’re a woman who fancies embarking on a same-sex adventure you could just follow your instincts.

It always feels like we turn towards the home stretch to state once that calendar flips a year, doesn’t it?

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It amazes me sometimes what my love of fantasy drafting my state line-up each year turned into!

First Dates C4, 9pm This fly-on-the-wall snoopfest is a real-life spin on C4’s series of dramatic shorts Dates.

Documentary cameras lurk in the background – and even in the ladies’ powder room – to bring us an evening of low-key eavesdropping in a restaurant full of singles coupled up for a first date, with cutaway snippets of the boys and girls sharing their true feelings.

However that’s just one of several storylines at play here.

There’s also a French cinema owner plotting to assassinate Hitler after her family was massacred by Christoph Waltz’s ‘Jew Hunter’.

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