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We were discussing race and discrimination in a class when my teacher called on me and asked had I ever dealt with discrimination and also asked what it was like being in a interracial relationship. Want their kids marrying outside of their own race. Should race matter when it comes to love or emotions?Think it takes two special people to take that step into a relationship, but it takes two extra special people to take that plunge into an interracial relationship. There can be similarities at times, but there will still be a clash. Ve come so close to breaking up a few times just because of this, but we still are fighting strong to keep our relationship.Combined much of what I wrote then to how I feel now, but it is mostly unedited.It is very difficult when your family refuses to accept someone you love, but I am hopeful that through love and understanding we can set an example for them and others.

Again, this may not be as bad now, as it was then, but there are still risks involved.

Young hmong says screw the family but when they get older they understand their situation.

Never understood why, and they never told me either.

There are lots of things I wish could have happened, but I still have no regrets.

Thus begins our exploration into interracial dating. People are on their merry way to do things, not to come out and stare at your relationship.

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