Play count not updating

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But on the play store, it still shows The count of installs on your app page is rounded up (or for better understanding milestone based). Once you cross 1000 downloads the number on your app page on play store will show .

The Google Play Developer Console is showing 525 installs as of 2 days ago (29th May): So, the data is already 2 days old.

Hello, I have MM4 ( and i Tunes on a Windows 10 PC and i OS 12.1 running on an i Phone 8 plus.

I am able to add and remove songs via the sync process, but the last played date and the play count are not incremented. Also, each time I connect the phone, i Tunes launches, which was not the behaviour under i OS 11 with an i Phone 6s that I had previously.

I love the idea of this app, and the basic functionally works perfectly.

After using the app for just one game it became clear that the app needs a couple features.

I have i OS 12.1.4 installed now and it still doesn't want to update the data.3 Scroll down through the list until you find your i Pod name.4 Click on the drop-down box and select “Take No Action” option.Press New Play and those on the field have their play counts automatically increased.A fast and easy tool to make sure your youth team is in compliance with the rules and everyone gets to play.

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