Pitbull dating anyone

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Barbara is the sister of Pitbull’s son named Bryce Parez.

She has other four siblings from other girlfriends of her father, Pitbull.

My dad was to me what I try to be to Miley, which is somewhat of a best friend.

I try my best to be a good daddy and if she wants to talk about business or music I try my best to be a good manager.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away four years ago from mesothelioma, but I feel like in some ways my dad is looking down on me and smiling.

Their name and details are also not disclosed by Pitbull.

Pitbull has engraved her face and birth date in his arms. Pitbull’s daughter Destiny is not linked with any rumors of having a boyfriend and dating anyone.

Having maintained a strict privacy in his life Pitbull hasn’t revealed or spoken about the women he’s been in a relationship with.

Today the Miami Herald revealed the name of one his baby mama, Barbara Alba is the mover off his 9 year-old daughter whose name might be either Destiny or Odalis, I found that one source said the child’s name is Destiny but other said is Odalis, what do you know?

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