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When it comes to Pitbull’s other children, is quite confusing..You see this site here stated he has four children, but this one here said that he has two, some commenters even mentioned the names of at the third child, allegedly is a Amia who is about a year a half, they said this little child is the sister of another son Pitbull had with his wife, but we already know there is no wife, so????As mentioned above, the rapper Pitbull still has no wife but has got other children with his other partners too.Pitbull hardly makes any comments when he is asked about his kids and love life and tends to stay mute., Pitbull’s ex-girlfriend Barbara Alba was receiving 00 per month to cover child support without any formal court order. However nowdays the Gator bloodline is so watered down that it is really difficult to know if a pitbull comes from this bloodline.

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This was resolved amicably."While it is very unclear if Pitbull has a special lady in his life, if you want it to be you this is what he's looking for: "It's best to have a relationship with someone where it's open, where you can say, 'What's your fantasy tonight?

Worldwide has been linked to singer Nayer, Jennifer Lopez although I think this was just a rumor, but there was once a time when Pitbull born Armando Perez who dated a sexy Latina known by the name of Barbara Alba, the mother of some of his children. In 2011 thanks to the Miami Herald we heard for the first time about Barbara Alba who was receiving about .000 a month to cover child support for their 9-year-old daughter Destiny Perez without any formal court order, but as his fame arouse so did Alba’s demands which is why she hired lawyer Jason Setchen to get a raise of that child support and get the matter in paper.

Campbell featured Pitbull in hiѕ single, “Lollipop So what about Pitbull the father and boyfriend??

And later on the baby mama of Pitbull, Barbara hired lawyer Jason Setchen to raise the money.

She did it because Pitbull was gaining fame and popularity and he had a massive rise in his net worth. Even the attorney of Barbara, Jason complimented Pitbull stating Pitbull is a gentleman and this was resolved affably. For the time being, the name of Bryce’s mother is a mystery.

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