Pink dating history

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Thin-blown glassware was produced in their two Zanesville, OH factories.

All Hazel-Atlas prior to 1929 was made in the crystal color.

To replace cork caps which were expensive and allow for wider openings in container designs, a third brother opened Wheeling Metal Plant to produce zinc caps for mason jars.

In recent times the words Etruria and Barlaston and the name of the pattern have in many cases been printed in addition to the trade mark.With competition from Libbey Glass mounting and because of the development of a patented piece of equipment that increased glass production automation, a 3rd company was formed called Republic Glass Company.The new company made pressed tumblers utilizing a newly developed automatic press. This company later became part of the Hazel-Atlas Corporation.Determining the specific year of production of an item is somewhat more complicated, and this calls for close examination of a variety of other marks, such as three-letter date marks, registration marks, artists signatures or monograms and other devices.In addition to these, the style and method of production should be kept in mind as giving clues to dating.

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