Php script for retrieving inserting updating and deleting mysql table Mature adult online cams

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After performing the CRUD action, this code sends the response text or HTML to the AJAX.

Let us learn how to add, edit and delete records in My SQL database using PHP via AJAX.

I have a little problem, what I need is to read data from this HTML table, problem is I do not know how much table rows I'll have because I put data in it from My SQL select, so what I really want is after select, to add some data in the HTML table to be specific: You can loop through the table using JQuery and extract values.

I can't understand what is the purpose of reading the data again from the table..

Finally, you'll want to make sure you're not creating an aggregate column for no reason.

If the count column is merely the number of rows that meet a certain set of criteria, just use the query instead of creating a column that holds the count (aggregate columns/tables should only be used for caching efforts when profiling shows it's necessary and should be clearly named to denote this).

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