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The FBI added, Donald Eugene Webb, on May 4, 1981, who remained on the list until March 2007 when the FBI, presuming his death, removed his name.Webb the second longest member of the list, remained on 25 years, 10 months and 27 days.Among other prominent Fugitives in the decade were Mutulu Shakur, the stepfather of the later famed rapper Tupac Shakur, and also appearing was the sociopath Charles Ng, who had teamed up with the infamous Leonard Lake in as many as 25 sex-slave torture-murders at Lake's ranch in California.

However, after his daring escape from a prison vehicle while on the way to the state prison, he worked as the director of a homeless shelter in Staten Island, New York, under his alias Bob Lord.

Cross, a former president of the Hells Angels motorcycle group in San Jose, California, was wanted for supposedly beating a businessman in an extortion scheme.

David James Roberts was arrested February 11, 1988, in Staten Island, New York, in an apartment after hiding for four days, due to FBI investigation and civilian information.

For convenient reference, the wanted suspect's sequence number and date of entry on the FBI list appear below, whenever possible.

As the new decade opened, the following Fugitives from prior years still remained at large, as the members of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list: Daniel Jay Barney died from a suicidal gunshot following a hostage crisis on April 19, 1981, where he had taken four hostages in a condo in Denver, Colorado.

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