Pairings dating statistics on black and white dating

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You might think that past trauma would make you bad at relationships.That’s certainly how Woo Jin (Yang Se Jong) feels about himself.Who needs a sparkly couple ring when bae gifts you a shiny new whistle with a promise to always come when you call?Check out the first episode of “Tunnel”: Watch Now Ji Ho (Jung So Min) and Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) are a couple who know that if you want to figure out your relationship, you have to figure yourself out first.

It’s the rare couple that stays friends for life, which is a pity because it makes for a great relationship: they know each other inside out and the love is already there before the romance begins.Everywhere you look in Dramaland, gorgeous people are making heart eyes and falling madly in love. K-romance usually comes with a heaping pile of angst on the side, whether it’s from clashing personalities, easily-avoided misunderstandings, or the occasional crazy parent.Every once in a while, though, there comes a K-drama couple that works a little differently.If Yeon Sook (Lee Shi Ah) and Kwang Ho didn’t love each other with such pure, straightforward devotion, we’d be less torn when time tears them apart.It gives us all the feels to watch as they try to keep in touch between past and future, holding on to each other with memories and mementos.

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