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“Many Japanese men find something erotic in a school uniform,” Taka said.“They are disappointed if they find out she’s not still at school.” Girls involved in the JK business are insistent that they choose to do this work, and Taka says it’s not exploitation because the girls want to be in the business.“If there are two 16-year-old girls, and one’s at school and one’s not, customers will always choose the one who’s at school,” said one JK business manager who asked to be called Taka, a shortened version of his given name.

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[ In super-skinny Japan, Naomi Watanabe is chubby and proud ] One of the people trying to do something about it is Jun Tachibana, from the nonprofit Bond Project, which is trying to get girls off the streets and stop them from falling into the JK business.

Often these girls don’t have a place to stay, so they get into the JK business.” This night, Tachibana had some luck.

She returned to the meeting place later and persuaded the girl to go home. “I’ve been successful with one girl.” But getting girls off the street one by one will not make much difference when there is still so much demand — particularly for those still in school.

“I feel accepted and needed, and I don’t have these feelings otherwise,” Mio said over lunch, wearing the fresh face and oversize sweater of any other teenager.

But she described a home life where her parents hate each other and she hates them. I might be able to stop it if I don’t feel lonely anymore.” [Roll over, male sushi chefs.

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