Outlook global address list not updating exchange 2016

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Users not receiving latest contacts in cached mode UPDATE GLOBAL ADDRESS LIST USING EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT SHELL (EMS) The identity can either be “Default Global Address List” (As specified below) or Any other specific address list that you would like to update 7. This will reinstall the RBAC roles 🙂 NEXT OPEN EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE (EMC) BY DOING THE FOLLOWING: 1. Locate your Default Offline Address book and Right Click on it then select Update.

Connect to your Exchange Server using RDP or any remote application 2. And select Exchange Management Console from the list NOW WE WILL START THE UPDATE PROCESS, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING: 1. You can also click on the Update link located in the Action pane on the far right after highlighting the Default Global Address List. You will receive the following message, just select Yes 5.

It can take up to 24 hours before all clients have the new or updated accounts in their Address Book.

To resolve this you can disable Outlook cache mode, however this will remove the benefits it provides.

Now go back to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\OAB\ 10. This means that your Offline Address Book has now been updated, next we will update the clients Address Book and confirm that they have the latest one.


This reduces network traffic and improves performance.

The offline address book is a snapshot of information from the Global Address List (GAL).

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By using an offline address book, Outlook doesn’t have to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server to resolve names or open the records for each user.

Note: If you're using Cached Exchange Mode, we recommend that you download the full details of the offline address book.

This reduces the number of times the Outlook window might become unresponsive and the number of unnecessary connections to the Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory.

After making changes to recipients/distribution lists within Exchange, I sometimes required a way to make these changes quickly accessible to users, so when they next download the GAL through Outlook, they obtain the latest changes.

Most environments do this automatically once or twice a day, which is fine, but this script can be used to force the process to run as required.

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