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While you are viewing a document, you can also view the document's properties by clicking the Properties button on the Group Wise Web Publisher toolbar.

(See Figure 4.) When you select the Properties button, the Document Properties page appears, listing the document's subject, author, creation date, modification date, version number, and document number in the Group Wise 5.2 document library.

Figure 2: With Group Wise Web Publisher, users can search for documents in all of the available Group Wise 5.2 document libraries or in one particular library.

When a user selects the Group Wise Web Publisher interface, Group Wise Web Access does not prompt the user to log in.

Novell licensed the conversion utilities included with Group Wise Web Publisher from Inso Corp.

After Group Wise Web Access authenticates this user, the Group Wise Web Access interface appears, and the user can access most of the features available through Group Wise 5.2 client software, including viewing documents stored in the Group Wise 5.2 document libraries.By default, Group Wise Web Publisher displays the title, subject, author, size, and number of the first 25 documents in this library.(See Figure 3.) You can view the contents of a specific document, or you can view a list of the next 5 to 100 documents in increments of five.Instead, Group Wise Web Publisher logs in to Group Wise 5.2 using a default Group Wise Web Publisher user account that you set up when configuring Group Wise Web Publisher.(See the "Configuring Group Wise Web Publisher" section.) The user can view only a document that meets the following criteria: To find a particular document stored in a Group Wise 5.2 document library, you use the Group Wise Web Publisher search engine.

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