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Jackman credits their strong marriage partly to the fact that they got together before he was famous.

Director Ron Howard is still married to his high school sweetheart, and Matt Damon married a bartender he met early in his career.

Actor Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas, a yoga instructor, married in 2011 and have four children together.

Hilaria says she didn’t know anything about the "30 Rock” actor when they met.

Dating a celebrity can be hard no matter what; and if one-half of the couple isn’t famous, things can easily become even more problematic.

Tensions can arise if one person isn’t used to the spotlight, or if there is a major difference in lifestyles.

Comedian Amy Schumer married chef Chris Fischer in 2018 after planning the wedding in only a few days.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is tight-lipped about his private life, declining to name his soon-to-be wife in 2013.

The actor later married Tasha Mc Cauley, co-founder and CEO of Fellow Robots and board director at Geo Sim Systems, in 2014. It’s not clear when Adele met her husband Simon Konecki, but the couple were spotted in 2012 vacationing in Florida.

The couple met through a mutual friend in 2013 at Clooney’s home in Lake Como, and married a year later.

The actor, who told David Letterman that his agent predicted the marriage, is now a father of twins.

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