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Review: [Emotional] Especial looks back at the first 9 releases since its inception to provide a selection or "Eleccio" via a special dubbed out DJ meets studio mix from label stalwart Jamie Paton.Ever since the first white labels appeared at the end of Summer 2013, [Emotional] Especial has been busy putting out music that are their own warped take on club music.Life on the US West Coast shines from the album, from opener Out West to She Got Love, sunshine music that couldn't be made anywhere else.

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This epic retrospective gathers together the best tracks and remixes the duo completed prior to Knuckles' death in 2014.Review: Curated as part of the iconic street artist's Tate exhibition this year, The World Of Keith Haring unites many of the talented souls Keith knew, or was inspired by, during his prolific rise as one of the most vital cultural spokesmen through the 70s and 80s.Soundtracking the gritty downtown NYC streets he made his first mark on, this limited collection captures the whole melting pot from b-boy culture with cuts such as "E.Simultaneously referencing Primal Scream, trip hop, Madchester, whatever that track that set the club off last night was while sounding like none of the above, it's archetypal !!! Review: Given the stone-cold-classic status of Patrice Rushen's disco-era recordings on Elektra, it's little surprise to see Strut offering up this superb retrospective of that key period in her career.Naturally, the big club hits are present - "Feels So Real (Can't Let Go)", "Haven't You Heard", "Number One" and "Forget Me Nots" - but it's the quality of the lesser celebrated cuts and album tracks that most impresses.

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