Nigel lythgoe dating

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Nigel was married to Bonita (Bonnie) Shawe, the judge on the Australian version of "So You Think You Can Dance" in the year 1974.

Nigel first met Bonnie while he used to work as a choreographer for the BBC's Young Generation dance troupe.

The chemistry between them is so strong, they are just going with it.”Astonishingly, their relationship has landed 64-year-old American Idol executive producer Lythgoe, who is also a judge on the US show So You Think You Can Dance, in the middle of a Hollywood romance swap.

He dated Elvis Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla between 20 and she is now dating Raquel’s fourth ex-husband, restaurant mogul Richard Palmer.

At one recent romantic, candle-lit dinner at LA’s Soho House, a fellow diner observed: “They might have more than 130 years on the age clock between them, but they behaved like teenagers in love.“They were holding hands across the table and gazing into each other’s eyes like youngsters throughout the meal.

It was actually all rather touching to witness and when they left he offered her his arm in a lovely old-fashioned way.”Lythgoe leapt into the big league of TV moguls in 2000 when he joined Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment empire to turn the Idol series into a worldwide franchise and now has an estimated net worth in excess of £130 million.

So far, Nigel has produced a variety of television shows ranging from As of 2019, 69-years old Nigel Lythgoe has a whopping net worth of 0 million.

Let’s have a look at his unsuccessful married life and find out the reason behind not getting married again.Nigel Lythgoe belongs to the entertainment industry but there is not just one profession to define him.Primarily, he is a television and film director and producer.Her friend told the Sunday Express: “She’s fully aware that age might not be on her or Nigel’s side.But I haven’t seen her as happy as she is with him for more years than I care to remember.”Official spokesmen for both her and Lythgoe said they would not comment on their celebrity clients’ private lives.

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