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m/how-to-reset-hp-touchpad.html/ Another method of quitting out of apps without pressing the button?

- When you are in an App, put your finger as low on the screen as possible, then quickly swipe upwards, this will do the same as pressing the button.

it was out of space, you need a bit to keep you entertained on the go... worth it IMHO Theory must be a nice place, everything works there. Now that I inadvertantly created my account w/ location Australia, any way to change it? Seems to be connected to the web OS account and not the device itself. Ok...stoopid question coming up how the &^%&^ do u close an app/info panel? The stock 3.0.0 has pretty crappy reviews, and most reviews that I read says 3.0.2 is what they should have released with. I guess we now know why they rushed out with 3.0.0, a lot of pressure in the back ground to make its an instant success. The first thing a new Touch Pad owner should do is open the Phone and Video Calls app in the Apps tab on the launcher screen.

If there is an ARM version, and it doesn't require the dbus fix that hasn't made it to the chroot package yet, and it can access the hardware it needs... UPDATE : I figured it out – you can change the email address on your account via the web OS site itself (change to another email address you have access to). It's taking it's sweet arse time updating to 3.0.2 though :/ I ended up choosing US store but not sure if I'll have probs buying apps... I've got the device and account info panels up but can't for the life of me get rid of them and the supplied manual sux ballz. Once in the app select the Dial Pad tab and enter the following in the dialer like you would on a phone: I have a touchpad sitting here, ready to go.

[n]1 out of 1 hunk ignored -- saving rejects to file etc/palm/luna rej Thanks for that, I already did it the hard way by opening up the Web OS Preware install kit on my PC and screen capping my installed kernels so I could remember. By the way, I'm still having issues with Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness, as it never installs correctly. Unfortunately the only fix is to run Emergency Patch Recovery from preware (search for it).

I prefer my Xoom :) Be interesting to see what homebrew stuff awaits it.Anyone got this working yet from the performance tweaks?The first thing a new Touch Pad owner should do is open the Phone and Video Calls app in the Apps tab on the launcher screen. On the subsequent Collect Logs screen, select Change Logging Levels 4.Also, if you do it on the home screen then it will switch to the Launcher.Preware : : Improved Browser : Advanced Browser – only available in US App Catalog Playing Videos : 1) Install preware2) From Touchpad browse to : Click on the download link for the touchpad4) Preware will pickup the download and ask for install5) After install, manually restart your touchpad Using Camera : - Set-up Skype and can be used for Video Calls- Search for Digi Camera Lite on the HP App Catalog. t=3327&page=8 Discussion Forums : User Guide / Manual : Pad_Initial Set-up & Changing your Country : CAUTION : Choose carefully which country you set-up your device for. Possible US Credit Card Solutions : Simon Malls : https:// Now that they've announced that they're disposing of stock (16 gig for ), I'm wondering what the apps situation is like.

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