Mike wolfe dating danielle american pickers

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, old friends and junk lovers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have driven around the country in their van in pursuit of unique, rare, and (most of all) valuable cultural artifacts and classic vehicles in out-of-the-way secondhand stores, garage sales, estate sales, and dusty outbuildings.is a reality-based TV show, but a TV show nonetheless.“I love to see what people do with their vintage and how it is being re-purposed.”How does she fit it all in?Ask her: “I wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning every day. I sleep three or four hours every night, but I wouldn’t change anything.But this train was in mint condition — Speck pointed out a number of chips, as well as spots where the train had been repainted and was missing parts. So, did the Pickers turn a profit in the end, or at least get their money back? A buyer ultimately purchased the train at that auction for just ,400, less than half of what Fritz paid for it. It turns out that the train went for such a steal because Colby forgot to set a reserve (or minimum) price on the item.So, some toy lover out there got a deal on that imperfect but still amazing train…Like any real-life business shown through the lens of a TV camera, fans have long questioned the authenticity of the show.

Danielle Colby Cushman sets up leads for the duo and sometimes goes on adventures with them as well.' seventh season in 2012, the duo traveled to the Kentucky home of Cecil Hopper, a collector who'd saved (and cared for) every toy from his childhood (1939 to 1949) and then some.This was heaven for Fritz, an old toy aficionado, who got very excited when he discovered Hopper's beautiful, well-maintained Lionel toy train set dating to 1931.I still am a tinkerer.”Danielle met Mike Wolfe, lead star on , nearly fifteen years ago at a yard sale of all places. Mike has a huge personality and his laugh made me giggle.Mike was always the first person at my gallery showing and was always so kind to my children.”Besides taking care of her family and appearing on the TV show, Danielle also works as a trained burlesque dancer.

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