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In one spectacular three-game run, the Red Raiders put up 158 points against the nineteenth-, first-, and eighth-ranked teams in the country.

As Tech knocked off one ranked team after another, the hordes that descended on Lubbock were as interested in the team as they were its coach, a man who never played college football, rode the bench in high school, and, as Lubbock radio talk show host Ryan Hyatt puts it, “looks like he just got off tour with Jimmy Buffett.” Texas Tech is not exactly America’s team, but for a few shining moments last autumn it was the team much of America was rooting for. On November 22 Texas Tech, ranked second and seemingly unstoppable, rolled into Norman, Oklahoma, and suffered one of the worst losses in school history.

In 20 Graham Harrell became the first player in college history to throw for more than 5,000 yards in consecutive seasons.

Unlike almost all major college coaches, Leach is his own offensive coordinator; he calls the plays.

His name was mentioned in almost every coaching search, and he interviewed for a job at the University of Washington. Or was it the dawn of a golden age in Tech football?

Then came a long, nasty contract dispute with Tech. Are Leach and his ragtag band of rejects finally ready for full-time prime time?

Here are 13 humorous clips from Leach, whose 19th-ranked Cougars (8-2) visit Utah (4-4) this Saturday: Pirates vs.

All of which prompted Raider fans to wonder: Was Leach going to desert them now? In the end Leach signed a new contract and Lubbock breathed a sigh of relief. And, perhaps most important, the question that has been asked everywhere Mike Leach has ever coached: How in the world does he do it?

Leach and I were camped out in the conference room, studying film.

Leach, a man of exquisitely even temperament, was unbowed and unshattered. In the off-season he won two prestigious coach-of-the-year awards (the George Munger and the Woody Hayes).

He was invited to the White House to meet President Bush and was featured on CBS’s .

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