Mexican girl dating black guy

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If you play it right, you can have a harem waiting for you upon your arrival!Just like American girls, there are many different types of Mexican girls.With that in mind, here is our 10-step guide to banging Mexican girls.

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It would be wise to invest in a couple months of practice through a program like Rocket Spanish before you book that flight.Best-case scenario, she’s naked in your room later that night. Last but not least, keep your options open when it comes to Mexican women.Use all the weapons in your arsenal: day game, night game, online dating, language exchanges etc.For a first trip, Mexico City, Guadalajara and/or Monterrey are all good choices. Mexican girls are intrigued by foreigners, and they love to get approached. Unlike in the United States or Western European countries, girls in Mexico will rarely – if ever – blow you off completely if you talk to them in the street, on the bus, in a shopping mall or even on the Internet.There are also a number of hidden gems throughout the country where your exotic factor will be through the roof. And if a girl is not interested, she’ll be very diplomatic about letting you know. Worst-case scenario, she doesn’t give you her phone number.

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