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Heading for the airport, I found myself cursing my lack of time to explore the nightlife of St Julian’s to the north of Valletta. Or the countless historical sites, fossil-studded cliffs and scuba-diving caves.There is so much more to this amazing island than Drago, snooker’s Maltese Falcon.

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The fortified city of Mdina, Malta’s former capital, dates back to the eighth century BC and its narrow alleyways are still home to 300 people.

I stayed in the classy Saint John Hotel, a 4H boutique a stone’s throw from Valletta’s heart.

The adjoining Cheeky Monkey gastropub is ­perfect for people-watching and grabbing a tasty dish or two.

Caravaggio had a reputation as a hellraiser and I next found myself in a sort of unofficial shrine to unruly actor Oliver Reed.

The tiny city-centre bar simply called The Pub was where Reed died in 1999, aged 61, during one of his legendary booze sessions.

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