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Each culture has their traditions, beliefs and their festivals.

Whenever you have the chance to attend such a festivity, don’t miss it.

This religious festival is celebrated mostly by Indians of Tamil origin and is one of the most impressive festivals in Mauritius.

The devotees are after a period of fasting, and many have their cheeks, tongues and chests pierced with needles before going to the temple with their offerings on their backs.

There's also more recent cameras among the museum's collection of 1,000, many arranged carefully on shelves for viewing. He puzzles over the reasons that Mauritius shows so little interest in preserving its past, and worries about the future of his photo collection, which he wants to see preserved digitally with the originals kept in climate-controlled storage.

The concept conjures images of elephants and savanna, but here it's a different sort of journey -- to the postcard-perfect beaches and mountains, but also to the roadside motorcycle repair shops and the weekend markets that spring up in communities across the island.

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Families get together and celebrate the New Year with an abundance of food.

They're a remarkable visual record of a time that seems impossibly distant now.

Slavery in Mauritius had just ended a few years earlier.

Some of those pictures are preserved in the museum.

Daguerrotypes from Mauritius are the first photos taken anywhere in Africa, by a man named Jules Léger, who later moved to South Africa, where he opened that country's first photo studio in 1846.

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