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Much digital ink has already been spilled over the Babe article on Aziz Ansari’s extracurricular activities.

The Internet is brimming with fascinatingly opposed opinions on who is to blame, how much they should be blamed, and how each party have behaved.

The need for sexual pleasure makes dating a single-minded hunt for that pleasure, rather than the opening steps of the pursuit of a meaningful relationship. Sex is complicated, and it complicates any relationship — even healthy ones.

The fact that Grace wasn’t interested in everything Aziz had planned for the evening makes the experience sound excruciating. When it becomes something that is demanded, given or taken by just one of the two people involved, the other person is reduced to an object.

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It also emboldens a dating culture that allows people like Ansari to behave the way he did and for others to simply put up with it or just give into it.

Men and women need to respect themselves and each other above and beyond their own passions and their endless pursuit of pleasure.

Love — the lane for which sex is intended — happens when two people recognize each other as imperfect human beings and embrace each other in an emotional bond of unity despite their faults and weaknesses.

Regardless of your opinion on the Ansari Affair, how was that a good date?

They met for the second time in their lives, rushed through dinner, went back to his place, and he immediately started asking for sex.

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