Maple grove dating

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For the last six years, Simpson has been a part of Gustavus Adolphus College’s welcome week, helping with a hoedown square dance. I’ve been invited to call at a senior’s graduation party, a Girl Scouts camping weekend [and] a wedding anniversary outdoor party,” she says.

Queens/kings/ambassadors are chosen to represent the club at various events and typically head up the banner funny business.Tell people you’re going to a Single Circles gathering, and they might think you’re headed to a dating event. The square dancing club, which has its roots in Brooklyn Park, began in 1981. This group has a queen/king and banner raids, but we’ll get to that.“There were square dance clubs in many of the small towns.There are still some callers around that did calling back then and remember my parents.” Some of her earliest memories include seeing her folks square dancing and laughing in their matching outfits (“Mom sewed them all.”), dancing with her siblings and other kids “ ‘til we all fell down laughing” and sipping orange Crush soda pop at the dances.

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