Make dating sims game

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As a result, the game encouraged careful planning and allowed dating sims to be much more strategic, rather than playing like a linear visual novel.

While the mechanic remains unrealistic to real-life dating relationships, the game is considered to be one of the biggest dating sim franchises, spawning multiple games, some very recently.1994 was also the birth of games, dating sims specifically catered towards young girls.

The game also ended up becoming popular with the slightly older female audience, creating sequels, remakes, and spinoff games.

While Angelique was a dating sim, the main goal was not specifically to get a love interest.

The developers, Yuji Naka and Hiroshi Kawaguchi, had been asked by their supervisors at SEGA to make a game targeting the young female audience.

It was a technologically impressive attempt to gamify a fictional character’s love into several fetch quests. The intended audience was incredibly different: young adult men.

As a result, there were pornographic elements and the game followed the modern “anime”-styled art and narrative structure of its adult counterparts that were also popular during the time.

What is the appeal of a game where the objective is a character’s affection?

Through an analysis of its history, I believe that a dating sim’s strongest selling point is how it breaks down a complex idea like love into a self indulgent, tangible, and rewarding system.

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