Ludwig supraphonic snare drum dating

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I believe they do, and although there’s some spill-over, as companies try to emulate whatever the “popular sound” is of the moment, there’s still a signature EQ combination to Ludwigs, Gretches, Pearls, DWs, etc.

If they didn’t maintain a certain tonal disposition, I don’t think quite so many drum legends that we all know by name would keep playing the same brand for so long.

It resides happily in my studio, as an ongoing memorial – not only to Ludwig’s solid drum legacy, but to the preferred rhythmatist of my career.

” Today I honor my old friend, from a distance, by sharing with you the Ludwig “Super Classic Maple” kit that he played, and which I now play.

Buddy Rich, whom most drummers know as a technique and performance , endorsed Ludwig all through the 70s and, besides Ringo, was probably the most visible “face” of Ludwig in those days.

I emailed the company he promoted for so long to clarify some things on Jim’s kit and was informed of an interesting side note that I would not have known without the helpful folks at Ludwig: turns out those spurs you see on the front of the kick drum, to the left, are NOT the original bass drum spurs. This, my friends, is why it always pays to contact your music store and/or manufacturer to ask questions about your gear. During that time of this snare’s production, in the 80s, Ludwig typically produced ¼” spurs for their drum sets.

Granted, some do change occasionally, but many do not, and since the big names have plenty of money to buy whatever they want, it carries some weight with me when a player that I respect consistently endorses a certain brand of music gear, and uses it on their own recordings or in their own concerts.

At that point, Ludwig introduced the Granitone finish, a gritty grey coating used to cover aesthetically displeasing blemishes in the interior wood finish. If you happen to know your woods, examining the plies and interior finish can be instrumental in era identification, but again, the drum may have been modified through the years.

In most cases the best way to estimate the date of a drum is its physical characteristics. Many ludwig ludwig snare drum vintage snare drum serial number dating ludwig supraphonic snare drums.

I guess once you get into the 80s, those kits are still too recent (even though that was over ago!! I also have never found anything like this kit on EBay or, which are the other two reference sites I visit when trying to ascertain the worth or respectability of a piece of music gear. He spoke with some “elder statesman” at Ludwig headquarters who’ve been there a while and they were able to fill us in on the missing links.

All the ones I see there have newer badges and shallower drums. Turns out Jim picked up a mid-80s “Super Classic” Maple kit, probably made of 6-ply American Maple wood.

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