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However, there were some particular scenes and some of the depictions of characters that I really liked. The way she thanks Rochester for his gifts to her when he comes to Thornfield was adorable. The movie never tells what becomes of Adèle, but I suppose we can assume that she was sent to school.Setting aside her representation of Jane as continually depressed, Mia Wasikowska, does a good job of portraying her.The complaint has been made about this version before that there are too few scenes between Jane and Rochester before their engagement. There are literally two scenes (excluding the scene where Rochester falls off his horse and Jane helps him back up) with them together in conversation before Jane saves him from the fire, at which point he (in the movie) almost kisses her — and they are supposed to be obviously in love.In the deleted scenes, there is a scene where Rochester tells Jane about Adèle’s background, which I think really should have been kept in.Lots of the talking is just in the background — “indistinct”, as one subtitle read.

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I remained an inmate of its walls, after its regeneration, for eight years: six as pupil, and two as teacher; and in both capacities I bear my testimony to its value and importance.” ( by Charlotte Brontë, Ch. Most of Jane’s time there, therefore, was positive.

The confrontation with novelty puts naturalists in the Old World and in the New World in a similar situation.

It reveals the limits of traditional knowledge based on Classical authorities.

Moreover, having made that choice, I really think that they should have left out St. Fairfax as a kindly woman who really cares for Jane’s best interest.

John kissing Jane, or, at the very least, not on the lips. Mary and Diana Rivers (played by Tamzin Merchant and Holliday Grainger respectively) were good, however, although they make only brief appearances. John is good too, being both good and severe, although he is not, in my opinion as good as Andrew Bicknell in the 1983 version of ‘Jane Eyre’. Fairfax gently reproaches Jane for not coming to her for help, and assures her, brokenly, that she had no idea that the lunatic was Mr. Her advice to and concern for Jane after she becomes engaged to Rochester is good, and her anxiety and fearfulness for Jane when she and Rochester come back from the church is evident.

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