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That’s not to say you can qualify for one of these loans if you’ve got spotty income and recent late payments to creditors.

But, for example, if you graduated from an excellent school, have a stable, high-paying job, and good cash flow but have a shaky FICO score for reasons that are out of your control, these lenders might give you a shot.

If you have a good credit history and a consistent income, it’s a good idea to explore your student loan refinance options as soon as possible.

Refinancing your student loans may lower your interest rate, consolidate multiple student loans into one monthly payment, and possibly reduce your total monthly student loan payments.

If you’re a new doctor, dentist, lawyer, or similar professional, you might make these refinancing lenders their first stop.

Although medical school or law school can come with large student loan balances, the income potential and job security your profession provides make you an attractive candidate for refinancing.

Although anyone with at least ,000 of student loans may be eligible to refinance, if you have a lot of student debt and/or high interest rates on some or all of your loans, you should definitely consider refinancing.Not only will refinancing make your life easier—you’ll have one student loan payment to consider, not dozens—it will likely save you a huge amount of money. That all depends on a lot of factors, such as: The lower your interest rate and the faster you repay your student loans, the less interest you will pay.Try our student loan refinance calculator to see how much you might be able to save by refinancing.Although not currently included in Credible’s tool, So Fi and Earnest are two student loan refinancing companies worth checking out for well-qualified applicants.Both companies offer extremely low variable APRs for the most-qualified applicants, but they also have alternative underwriting practices that take into account your entire life—not just your FICO score.

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