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To further complicate things I am a trans sex worker.Being a niche within a niche greatly reduces my chances of meeting people.

I love my life, I love being a sex worker and it is immediately the most unattractive thing when someone tells me they “make enough money so you can leave this job behind.” Aviva: Often when men find out about my work, they immediately start projecting their fantasies onto me and treat me like a sex worker instead of a complete, whole person they want to learn about.I am deeply fulfilled with my work and social life, so I'm not seeking a relationship to fill a void.It's really more about meeting interesting and inspiring people who can make positive contributions to my life.When I became a fetish model at the end of 2017 due to leaving my current job over scheduling, I ended up breaking things off with said individual as I couldn't be with a person who is not receptive to new ideas.I am currently in a very stimulating relationship with a partner who is genuinely fascinated about my work as a fetish model to the point where he shoots a few of my clips and often gives suggestions regarding outfits I should wear and fetish categories I should shoot.

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