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Steam makes it easy to deploy updated builds anytime you wish, so make use of it to iterate on your product and help customers with issues.When deploying an update, it's helpful to post an announcement in your Steam Community Hub so that customers can tell what has changed.See Managing Uploaded Builds above for a refresher on managing your build branches.Once you've uploaded and tested your build, you're ready to make it live for players.Updating and patching your game is one of the best ways to communicate with customers.

You'll need to make updates to fix bugs and address issues, but major updates are also a huge opportunity to add new content, new modes of play, or new features to help keep customers engaged and attract new audiences.

Steam makes it easy to patch your game or add content at any time that you need to in order to best serve your audience on your schedule.

Feel free to update as often as you need to, but remember that players who have your game installed will need to download each update before they can launch the game again, so be considerate if your updates are large in size.

But you also want to be thinking about longer-term content updates that keep your players engaged and coming back to play.

Whether your update is big or small, each one is a form of communication with players, demonstrating that you are listening to player feedback and you care about improving the player experience.

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