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Fred’s enthusiasm for donating blood dawned an initiative now being embraced by other Ontario school boards.In 2017, as he approached his 100th donation milestone, Fred learned that thousands of new donors are needed each year.While using the free minutes of your cellphone, try to be efficient and save it for emergencies.The minutes you save each month rolls over and accumulate with the next month.Sylvia understands that more mothers of ethnic backgrounds are needed to help build a diverse public cord blood bank in Canada.A labour and delivery nurse, and one of the few prenatal instructors who offer classes for Chinese immigrants in the Greater Vancouver area, Sylvia is passionate about educating expectant Chinese parents and encouraging them to consider umbilical cord donation.

Your household income should be at or below 150 percent (for ) and 135 percent for rest of the states in order to get qualified and avail the service of this program.This April, more than 60 new Canadians from Syria donated blood in Halifax as a way of thanking Canada for giving them a new home.Like Mohammed Harb, who came to Canada in 2016, they all came as refugees within the last two years.Manal is driven to help people, inspire youth, and make a difference.She organized her first blood donation event for her 20th birthday in February 2017, and has continued to support community donation events ever since.

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    Portland Downtown announces ‘end of an era’ for Old Port Festival PORTLAND, Maine – All good things must come to an end.