Librarian sex cam

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She showered in the mornings (he surmised) because he never saw Her shower at night. Sometimes a short workout, sometimes longer, sometimes she wore a body stocking, sometimes she was nude.

And as he watched he gathered more data, so that he could always be in place to watch her whenever he wanted. Those were his favorite times of all, even more than when he watched Her having sex.

The next day the watcher visited his local mall and made several purchases.

That settled he could begin timing Her, studying Her daily routine.He read each instruction manual, assembled each item with infinite care and patience, studied and pored over his newest toys.At night’s end he carefully gathered everything up into a backpack, each item stowed in its special place. Never again would he lose a chance to capture his target forever. He went over his backpack’s inventory – all present and correct.He opened his pack and brought out his prized objects. He had attached a super-sensitive microphone to give him the ability to capture very slight sounds from a distance.A tripod mount for the cam, set up at the window’s corner, allowed him to have a hands-free filming experience.

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