Levels of intimacy and dating behavior

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However, when we fail to be be emotionally or physically intimate, we are taking no less of a risk.Equal, satisfying, levels of emotional and physical intimacy in our marriages turns out to be the best for maintaining a loving, healthy relationship. Just like being tall or short, there is a whole range of in-between.You can also begin to share more of your thoughts and feelings with your spouse.

In addition to sex, if we touch or cuddle with our spouse in ways that we don’t with others, that is also physical intimacy.

If you only talk to your spouse about what needs to be done or problems to be solved, you have low emotional intimacy.

Your spouse should feel like your best friend and know more about you (past and present) than anyone else. You can promote emotional intimacy in your marriage in several ways.

Allowing your spouse to have an affair partner would have much the same effect.

Having high emotional intimacy in marriage means that there are many thoughts, ideas, and feelings that you share with your spouse, but not with anyone else.

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