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Finally, each scene has a decent description detailing the back story on how Rogan and his scene partner hooked up.

I enjoyed the filming here, which is done with a stationary camera, but Hardy is quite adept at setting up interesting shots and angles.One video called "Sneaky Nut" features Rogan's friend Xander sneaking into his hospital room to give him a quick blowjob.Another 10 minute video called "Drivin' While Horny" has someone in the back seat of the car filming over the head rests while the driver and Rogan jerks their cocks. I would definitely prefer downloadable videos and picture galleries, but I enjoyed the videos and the action is hot stuff.And this is one of those times when Rogan uses above overhead rig to film the fucking. The videos play fairly smoothly, and when you go full screen they hold up fairly well.The site doesn't seem to use a full-streaming server, so there's a short pause when you jump ahead in the time line unless the video has fully loaded.

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