Lauren london dating omarion

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They dated once before after she broke up with Bow Wow but then split up.Not anymore, Lil Fizz & Omarion been having beef for a minute, well it's more so Lil Fizz who got beef with Omarion nowadays, I think it's something over Omarion tryna tell Lil Fizz what he should and shouldn't do with his life....Lil Fizz been in the Crip gang for a minute, and basically Omarion was tryna push him outta that lifestyle for years and Lil Fizz wasn't tryna hear it and just got tired…Let's clear the air, apple cider vinegar smells, really strong. At first I tried this as a remedy for my never ending acne and acne scars.When bentonite clay actually worked for me, I was stunned. Just wait until you see the results from your first activated charcoal face mask!

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