Latoya simmons from dating game

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Chris Hardwick rivalry, crazy chick from Rock of Love who stabbed someone on Ship Mates, guy who got stabbed on Cheaters, sports stars who've recorded rap songs, Vinnie from Jersey Shore on Live at Gotham Jay is in LA and Dan is in NYC.Jay is still mad at Christine for, when very drunk, "composing a song about another guys dick" in front of Jay, said guy, and a room full of fans.The guys recap the call from Brad, camper Jake aka Cousin Cletus calls in with stories of working for the ICP and having to change from spraying the audience with regular to diet Faygo because the sugar destroys the sets, campers call in with acronyms for BRAD.Hot chick hecklers, Dan's tells how it ended with the British rapper, DJ Lou's edited versions of the guys shitty song lyrics (razor in the shower, forgot your friends names, sorry I forgot your Greek yogurt, I wanna go on vacation by myself, I need my shirts), Daniel Cooksey's roles including his character being kidnapped on Diff'rent Strokes ("I will kill your parents, Sam" drop), Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes? Sleeping with older women, Jay describes a night that was supposed to be he and Carla's first time, DJ Lou plays David Gray instead of Marilyn Manson, camper Lizette from Indiana calls in with a story of banging her son's friend, stumbling on nudes of people's parents, comedian Chris Di Stefano in studio tells his story of banging a friends mom, camper Jason calls in with a story of going into the army with his best friend since the age of 5, the friend was killed overseas, and in their grief the guys mom seduced him!The boys sing along to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.Dan is brought to the brink of beating off like circus chimp when Jay finds a fake nude pic of Dolly. Deb from the golf channel pops in to say hello - claims Ben is a fan of the show. Jay's gripe with Delta Airlines, the guys turn Al Pacino's Any Given Sunday speech into a tirade against Delta Airlines, campers call in with their gripes against Delta, the guys watch and decimate Virgin Air's safety video, MC Search's talk show.

fat Axle Rose, Marilyn Manson isn't cool anymore, the team gives their thoughts on Batman vs Superman, 90s sitcom theme songs, the team discusses Kevin Brennan shittin on Lo S for not interviewing him properly, Nick Nolte voices, the team plans a Bonfire spa day, the guys plan to go over to O&A where Kevin Brennan is guesting to play a prank but some loser called O&A and ratted them out, Dan reviews Wrestlemania, Janessa drops through the episode.

Why the guys chose the teams they support, Superbowl L, guys who date older women, Mercface Andy admits he reconciled with his lying gf, the team watches the video of the drunk Miami Neurologist who attacks her Uber driver Kurt Metzger drops in, Mercface Andy and callers chat about having a liar gf, Brendan Dassey's brothers rap, riffing as Brendan Dassey confessing to several famous crimes, you gotta be a financial analyst to follow Billions, camper Ryan in Miami who worked w hot Indian who beat uber driver calls in, Martin shkrelli deposition video.

The guys discuss the passing of Vanity and George Gaines, all callers must begin their call with "oh punky" or "Mahoney", soliel moon frye and her giant sweater hounds on wonder years and saved by the bell, Ron from Ohio wins Soder's second late show ticket to jays special taping, Joe List joins the guys and hears about Who Got Jokes and caller Rhonda from ep 43, Jacob shows the guys a video of Debbie Doo getting stretched out, Mercface and DJ Lou are single. Dan fell in love with a girl at the first show named Christine, they discuss weirdos at the tapings, Ari Shaffir in studio with the story of breaking his leg skiing, they watch videos of a pro snowboarder railin a chick and an accidental anal compilation. Camper Nicki calls in with a story of shitting her pants while driving. Justin & Sarah brought a porn of themselves with TV/a movie in the background so the team can play "what's on in the background while they fuck?

Huey Lewis/Jimmy Buffet concert recap, the first mention of Antonio Banderas, and Dan doing his Sam Elliot impression which leads into Road House clips.

Plus the Sticky Fingers “A day in the life” doc, reviewing Brian Austin Green’s (BAG’s) music Video of girls basketball coach losing his mind, childhood sports stories of crazy coaches from Jay, Dan and camper callers, Dan & Jay can’t ice skate and plan a race at Rockefeller Centre, Metallica’s Turn the Page video, would the guys bang older porn stars Homeless people who are not kind or grateful, homeless sex, VMAs, Miley Cyrus Niki Minaj tiff, the guys give their thoughts on Taylor Swift’s statement “I’m proud to live in a world where guys can be princesses”, Kanye West does standup Chet Haze is missing, Bing is the best search engine for porn, Tommy Hilfiger and Daniel Day Lewis’ sons rapping, Sons of Gary explained, broken dicks from aggressive girl on top, guys watch Feldawg’s Ascension Millennium video for the first time, shitty music made by quasi celebs (Paris Hilton, Brooke Hogan) Porn stars, Anna Nicole Smith, Law & Order, Dan’s story of a guy who wanted to fight him in a grocery store back in Arizona bc he was singing “In the Year 2000” from Conan O’Brian’s show to himself and laughing, Enrique Iglesias and Beyonce without the auto-tune, Dan’s stories of jerking off to the ladies from Payless drugs and Circle K, the guys write some shitty song lyrics (lost in the darkness, razor in the shower, forgot your friends names, sorry I forgot your Greek yogurt, I wanna go on vacation by myself, I need my shirts), talk of Bonfire Tshirts, young Salma Hayek, kid n play’s House Party and what house parties have become today, Big Jay’s stories of Little Jay and Brother, people with famous names, all age dance nights, Dan’s Sam Elliott and Biggie impressions, Jay’s love for lil Kim Celebrity puss/dick pictures, Miley Cyrus' change from children's entertainer to her performance at the 2015 VMAs, celeb sex tapes, Kris Jenner is a horrible person, can a porn star transition to acting, Tracy Lords scandal, most expensive pornos, Dan describes auditioning for SNL, bombing and recovering as a stand up.

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