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And Hugh, being a Korean man, has lots to talk about the dating culture and cultural differences. While we didn’t date in Korea, we were part of the Korean community in Sydney and of course now live in Korea.What sparked this video is that Keith from Seoulistic has written a book about dating in Korea.He interviewed us about our experiences, and some other people too.

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You can start dating a freshman, and enjoy the oh-so-wonderful pangs of young and innocent love, then suffer the consequences by being torn apart for three years.

Also in our video we talk about some of our experiences navigating cultural differences and we talk about when fetish comes into play and what usually happens.

With BTS bringing so much attention to Korea and Korean men there are sure to be some people coming to Korea with unrealistic expectations.

You notice a complete difference in attitudes toward dating in Korea.

My view of American dating is this: start dating as soon as possible, as immaturely as possible.

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