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Several months later, the people help rebuild Liberty Park to its former glory.

After the park is rebuilt, Feng and his colony decide to stay in the park, and focus on Tai Chi, Precious and Frankie have puppies, and Surly takes Andie on a ride with Precious to rob a nut cart.

Surly and the mice free the animals, and round them up to take back Liberty Park.

They manage to overwhelm the humans, destroy all the rides, and attract the attention of the police.

A doleful Surly returns with Precious and an unconscious Buddy, reuniting with the others in the ruined remains of the nut shop.

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Muldoon, Heather, and Gunther are arrested for their crimes, and Libertyland is shut down for good.But due to the interference of Surly, Andie and Buddy, Gunther shoots Heather, knocking her out while he runs away.Muldoon tries to escape the chaos using a hot air balloon, but Surly and Buddy commandeer a roller coaster to catch up to him.Surly's recklessness causes Muldoon to shoot Buddy, who falls off a balcony to the street below, and into a coma.Meanwhile, Andie, Jimmy, Johnny, and Jamie find what seems to be a suitable park, but it turns out to be a golf course that almost gets them killed.

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