Karaganda temirtau girls dating

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There, he was enrolled in the group LP-62-2 (foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals), which was formed from applicants living in Temirtau.

In those years, in technical colleges, an experiment was conducted combining training with working in production.

The work was very hard, because of the terrible heat and tension some workers fainted and had bleeding nose. But Nazarbayev was not like them, he swore to himself that he would survive, and he stood, got used, got involved into the work.

He together with his comrades - Tulegen Yusupov, Bulat Karimov and others, overcame all difficulties and became highly skilled metallurgists.

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It turned out that to live in the midst of people, their interests and hobbies, to direct and organize their activities - Nazarbayev always had it in his genes.

It was at such an unpleasant moment - almost a day on their feet, in soot, smoked, only eyes and teeth glittered - and I met a girl who was on duty at an electrical substation that night and came to see what was going on under our furnace ...

But soon a Komsomol youth wedding was arranged for us.” A happy young family grew rapidly, their daughters were born - Dariga, Dinara, and later Aliya. In the direction of the plant, Nazarbayev, along with several guys from his workshop, enters the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute.

But from a young age a self-esteem was formed, which did not allow to remain in the "average level", the habit of being always the first.

As a leader and organizer, he gradually gained experience in dealing with a variety of people - from workshop managers to ministers.

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