Jonas altberg dating

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With 16 tracks in total, most listeners will require a packet of Ibuprofen and plenty of resilience to see them through to the finish.Each track follows a rigid formula, with surging synths, throbbing basslines and corny, power ballad-style choruses that arrive when you expect them to.Meanwhile, Jonas has been getting on very well with Katia Ivanova in the house.He revealed to some of the housemates “I had a huge masturbation problem when I was younger”, confessing he once masturbated 25 times in one day.Altberg, who began making music on the computer program Fruity Loops nearly a decade ago, has outsold nearly every Winehouse-wannabe soul siren and skinny-jeaned indie band by a whopping great margin this year.

Jonas confessed: “Tourette’s sometimes feels like it’s doing everything to embarrass you.” “It’s like someone is in there trying to take the p**s out of you.” After revealing various embarrassing things that happened to him when he was at school he confided he wishes he had had a hero to look up to. I’m a one-man show and write and produce the songs myself – so I get a bigger share of the cake. Two and a half years ago I had no income and couldn’t get a job because I’d f****d up in school.Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jonas Altberg has revealed he wants to be a hero to young sufferers of Tourette’s Syndrome.A Tourettes sufferer who has minor obsessions with geek culture and his own genitalia, he provides more interesting chatter in five minutes than any number of hours locked away with a Pigeon Detective or a Guillemot.Sadly, Altberg's warmth and sense of humour is a world away from the cold calculation of this robotic debut LP.

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