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Only then does the first stage, known as omiai (pronounced oh-me-ah-yee, and used to Unlike Tinder’s swiping function which allows for immediate interaction, members have to send a request to omiai to the other party.This request, however, goes through both Destini and the woman’s agency, adding yet another layer of protection.

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In this day and age—in which feminism and female representation are strong pillars of society—finding a Singaporean woman willing to blindly obey has become virtually impossible (not a bad thing, of course).

She shares that our sunny island was the first country she ever visited and that she was struck by how clean and safe life here was.

This fantastic first impression, coupled with her dislike of cold Japanese winters, meant that she eventually made the move permanent. Her children (now aged 18 and 21) were coming here to study, and so she moved over as well.

If you’ve had the distinct displeasure of trawling these forums, you’ll find adjectives like “fierce”, “willful”, and “vocal” commonly used by these dudes to describe their Singaporean, female counterparts. To them, relationships are about power and they like to dominate. Significant others should look pretty, sit down, and shut up.

Just like how, because of clichés in popular culture, many might assume Japanese women behave.

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