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Evidence, including bedding, showed that the people who lived there used it as a base camp.

They hunted deer, gazelles and aurochs, and feasted on turtles, hares and ostrich eggs. Hershkovitz and Mina Weinstein-Evron, an archaeologist at the University of Haifa, felt that the jawbone looked modern, but they needed to confirm their hunch.[READ: Skull Fossil Offers New Clues on Human Journey From Africa]Dr. In 2015, he announced finding a 55,000-year-old skull in the Levant.

The effort was spear-headed by then Secretary of State James Baker and culminated in the 1991 Madrid peace conference.

These and other events such as the Oslo Accords (September, 13, 1993) give hope to Free Palestine and help to solidify relationships among Israelis, the surrounding Arab states and the representatives of the Palestinians living on the West Bank.

Scientists on Thursday announced the discovery of a fossilized human jawbone in a collapsed cave in Israel that they said is between 177,000 and 194,000 years old.

The jawbone was discovered in 2002 by a freshman on his first archaeological dig with the group.

If so, that would mean that at least some modern humans migrated from Africa far earlier than previously thought.

Indeed, early humans may have made multiple journeys through the Levant corridor.“We are now realizing that it was not one big exodus out of Africa in a given time period,” said Dr.

That does not mean that this person contributed to the DNA of anyone living today, he added.

It is possible that the jawbone belonged to a previously unknown population of Homo sapiens that departed Africa and then died off.

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