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You can likewise compose messages to different people.

This site has a gigantic database of individuals from varying backgrounds.

We are very open /interested in explorering all forms of sexual pleasure. My Ideal Person For as open minded as we are...there are still standards. Attraction is often more than physical but please be CLEAN, well groomed and full of personality. Master the foreplay (as much as you can) leading up to the bedroom.

That "Good company is hard to find..." email is an automated AFF email, not from us. If you flirt with us we will flirt back if we are interested.

Once you check out our profile please email us if you're interested.

Not that it won't happen but we're likely to initiate talking if there's a guy we like. For the sake of clarity, if we flirt with you, we're interested in hearing from you to see what you're really about.

It is then up to you to respond with an email or something.

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