Internet dating manipulation

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If we have a difficult conversation or discussion, it will end with Mary crying, clutching me like I am some sort of child and even kissing the top of my head while I am just feeling frustrated.If I try to establish boundaries (“This isn’t a topic I am willing to discuss with you, let’s talk about something else”), my boundaries are immediately overridden.A manipulative man may try to cut his partner off from socializing with her friends or seeing her family.This is especially true if he fears that these others will point out his bad behavior.

When we get together, Mary will insist on cooking, even when somebody else volunteers to cook instead.) becomes an emotionally exhausting exercise where I am left feeling emotionally infantilized and I start to resent Mary’s lack of maturity.On top of this, Mary is attending therapy and seems to think herself the authority on all matters now–she declares herself an expert on conflict resolution but her form of “resolution” is to cry until she gets what she wants or can manipulate the narrative to seem like she was correct (in case it wasn’t obvious by now, Mary has an INTENSE martyrdom complex.)I don’t want to lose Mary as a friend, and I can’t really get away from her for now.He might spend lots of money on you in the beginning of the relationship so you grow accustomed to living well and receiving gifts.He may even invite you to move in with him and encourage you to quit your job so you have fewer options if you later decide you want to leave.

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